Frequently asked questions!

Here you will find all the answers to common questions, answers will be added as and when.

  • Are your products original products?

All our products are made with the same materials, the same products and the same tools. Which makes our products a quality identical to superior to that found on the market place.

  • Why such low prices?

All our products are at factory prices there is no reseller between you and us, and therefore no tax.

  • Do your products have them labeled?

All our products are delivered with their original label and code bar.

  • Do you deliver your products in their packaging?

All our products are delivered with their original box and their goodies * (* Protective cover, papers & protection)

  • Are children used for the creation of your products?

No children are used to create our products, only adult people with double the average salary.

  • Why do you redistribute 3% profits of every order to humanitarian associations?

You should know that FashionMood was created to offer people with a small budget the opportunity to afford beautiful products to avoid discrimination in the social world. From a beautiful image FashionMood has also decided to help humanitarian associations.

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